Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered our most frequently asked questions below. Please contact us if you have a question not listed and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What is included in a membership?

    Memberships include 24/7 access to the office and facilities. It also includes access to any events hosted by SpaceCraft or it's members. Members are given a dedicated workspace that is chosen and agreed to before signing and agreement. All standard reserved desks include a desk, chair, and storage locker. Members and teams are free to bring in any additional furniture that fits within the allotted space.

  • How does a membership work?

    Membership is easy! Anyone may sign up after an initial tour to pick out a reserved section. Members are required to first fill out the lease agreement which includes our standard terms and privacy policies. All members are given access to the office once the agreement has been signed.

  • Is there any deposit or initiation fee required?

    There is no deposit required! Members pay their first month's fee when they start and are then billed on a monthly basis until either party terminates the subscription. There will also never be an initiation fee! We believe in saving our members as much money as possible. That means lower costs all around to assist in what is most important, our member's businesses.

  • How do I add more team members?

    Adding members is easy! Each section can be extended up to 6 desks. Any team that requires more than 6 desks may contact our community managers for custom options. It's also important to note that the more team members you add, the less you pay per desk! We offer discounted rates for additional team members. All team members are granted the same access as the primary member. When you add a team member to your section, your current monthly payment goes down as well to reflect the discounted rate.

  • Are the prices I pay fixed?

    All prices that we charge are fixed for 12 months, and is guaranteed to never increase by more than 3% afterwards.

  • How does monthly membership work?

    All our membership subscriptions are monthly, which means you pay by the month and can cancel anytime!

  • Is there free parking?

    There is limited free parking at the building for SpaceCraft. All spaces are marked and may be used by any members. We ask that any guests respectfully park at nearby lots to reserve spaces for our members. There is a large parking structure just 2 blocks away that offers free 90 minute parking for all guests. You may also inquire with our community managers about reserving a marked parking space for your team for a monthly fee. There is plenty of street parking in our immediate vicinity and several lots nearby that are reasonably priced.

  • What is the difference between a private office and team section?

    Private offices are completely enclosed spaces for teams of up to 5 people. Team sections offer a dedicated area within our open space to accommodate up to 6 desks. Both options can be customized as long as the additional furniture or items brought in fit within the allotted space or office.

  • Can I invite guests to the office?

    You may invite guests whenever you'd like! We just ask that guests respect our policies and other members within the space. All members are responsible for their guests. Please do not disturb other members by being loud or invading their space.

  • What are my payment options?

    We accept paypal, monthly credit card payments, ACH, and check

  • Are there any fees that aren't included in the monthly membership?

    No! There are absolutely no additional hidden fees that members are required to pay. Our only fee is an optional for members who wish to reserve a dedicated parking spot in our lot. This is completely optional and is not required at all.

  • Is there a referral program?

    We do have a referral program that applies to any new members or teams that a current member is able to sign up. Please inquire with our community managers about our referral program!

  • Is my stuff safe?

    Yes, our facility is equipped with recording cameras to deter theft from within the office. Members are also given a dedicated storage locker that they may use at any time to store valuables or important documents. As a precaution, please make sure to lock up all items that may be considered valuable.

  • What can I bring to my reserved desk?

    Members may bring any additional furniture and decorate desks however they see fit. We ask that our members refrain from decorating any spaces with offensive content or fixtures. Members may bring in any equipment such as monitors, stands, standing whiteboards to add to their desk. Members may also use the windows as a idea board and our walls are fitted with whiteboards.

  • What are your networking opportunities?

    We have partnered with various meetup and social groups in the area that focus on specific areas of interest. Opportunities may include a photographers meetup, python instructors/presenters, photoshop lessons and other processional meetups. Members may attend any of these meetups and are free to host one of their own.

  • Do you offer discounts for longer term agreements?

    Our prices are structured in a way to provide all members with at least 35% off any comparable spaces and up to 50% for larger teams. Please refer to our membership page for a full listing of what we have to offer. Unfortunately we cannot offer long term signup discounts since the prices are already fixed to pass on as much savings to our members are possible.

  • How do I access the building and what are the hours?

    Each team member is given a free HID card that can be used to access all the building's facilities. This card may be used at all times and must be kept on person at all times. This card is needed to access elevators and office entrances outside of business hours. If a card is misplaced or lost please contact a community manager immediately for a replacement. A member needing a replacement card will need to pay $15 unless the original card is found and returned.

  • Do you offer custom spaces for larger teams?

    We do offer customized spaces for larger teams that do not fit within any of our current sections. Please fill out our contact form on this website to inquire about available options.